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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
snap auzzie is still around??????

people i know that uses tour bite likes it. i think monkey uses it. he told me to try it full bed at 40lbs. so i might try that next time. even though i havent tried full bed poly since....i woke up on time for tennis
no, i'm around Sydney

Yeah I love TourBite too. Great string, but I just had the feeling Dats might find it stiff compared to the strings he uses.
Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
me too. black shark is $6 a pack with their 4pack deal and barely a mention of it on the boards. i guess ill just stick with black code.

and mr. auz.. in the video, all to often i hit a nice backhand to middle of the court and then you blast it for a backhand winner into the fence. all of my shots could have used a bit more pizazz on them.
at least my strings were fresh back then though. now they are too high tension and old too.. which is even worse!
i should have cut it out weeks ago (after i barely won 7-6 with speeds,against a guy i beat with blxpros 6-1,6-1) but i hate cutting out expensive string.

i wonder if i should try another hybrid experiment just to see. i didn't mind full FXP 16 in the demo. i guess i have all winter to futz around with it.

~~~ auz, what strings you using? still happy with Isner stick?
I just strung up one iStock with Cyclone, but I am hoping to do Blue Gear mains next and BBO crosses. The Black Shark interests me because I assume it will be spinny like Blue Gear.

You were getting tons of pop with the Speeds and Blackcode. I think these problems are all in your head. You may have to work harder because of the lower power, but I think if you do, there's a good reward! I loved your frames!!

Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
i burned the video after auzzie smacked 100th winner past me!
however i did keep the ball in play for 10-15 shots sometimes instead of my usual 4ball rally! gotta stay positive! ohz wellz
There were some awesome rallies in that video. We both looked better than our level at times!

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
booo! auzzie, send me the link
unfortunately Dats owns the copyrights on said video. He is going to have to give it to you
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