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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
pictures would be great! I was thinking about making my own supports with the holes provided in the side
OK, cross your fingers, I hope that below the pictures attach ok here. In the first picture that shows the individual pieces, the pin on the right hand side is the Eagnas supplied pin. I did not use this pin. I used the 6mm dia bolt on the left side with the nut that I made up. The nut you see in the pic is in its rough state but it gives you an idea of the step in it to match the dia of the existing hole in the side bar. I shortened and radiused my nut once I proved it worked ok.
The last pic shows it being used in anger with a racquet mounted. The largest racquet I have mounted so far is a 107 cu-in Prince one and there was a little bit of free play left, but not a lot. I think that some 110 racquets may push this to its limits ! I find these side mounts very good to use in practise and nice and solid.

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