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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
hi Auzzie, have u heard of a NZ actress named Kimberley Crossman? my son is really into power rangers and she is making several appearances in the last couple of shows. was reading that she is pretty popular back home.

@zap I got a pack of bab tonic from one of my buddies that teaches at a local country club. never strung with the real stuff before. any precautions I should take b4 I destroy $35 in strings? thinking of hybriding with comfort syn gut to see how it feels.
yep. you carefully hand the gut to me, and i will take it from there

gut can be tricky. its easier to show you in person, but basically take it nice and easy. if you can adjust pull speed make it slowest. theres a special way to pull the crosses when you weave too.

(by the way i am down to about 18min per string job now)
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