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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
One way I use them is to work on spin production. Because they are lighter and slightly slower, my son can swing out with them on dippers, angles, and DTL shots with the kind of spin that makes the balls go oval and dive. He can't yet generate the racquet head speed needed to do this with regulation, so he backs off and "plays it safe". With green, he can manipulate the ball to construct points and pull of shots that he can't with regulation just yet but will need in a few years.

That said, I use them sparingly now (used them more when he was 8-9). As he grows and gets bigger, stronger, and more skilled, he'll soon be able to do these shots with regulation - all along using good footwork and proper technique.

That's one personal example. I do agree that just saying "a kid at this age should use X" doesn't always apply. You have to look at what you're trying to accomplish and figure out what works. I see colored balls as another tool and nothing more. It's not a miracle cure as the USTA likes to promote and it's not going to ruin a kid's game as some suggest.

Thanks for this. Sounds like my kid shouldn't be using green dots that much. He actually starts slowing down his racket head speed when he is hitting with his friends at the club when they use the green dots. He hits the ball harder when we hit with regular balls.
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