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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
for me they are heavier too. you are connecting the wrong things. i dont like the balls because they are hard and heavy, not because they transmit shock to my arm. it has nothing to do with that. i just dont like the feel of the bounce
The hardness of the Dunlop ball is exactly what that shock (& vibration) transmitted the arm is. What other explanation would you have for your ability to feel the hardness/stiffness of the ball?

As for heaviness (static weight), the balls are within ITF specs (which are fairly narrow as I indicated previously). If the balls really are heavier, on average, that other balls that you use, the difference is, no doubt, extremely slight. It is doubtful that you would even be able to detect the difference with most commercial scales (like a food scale or a postal scale). A ball may give the illusion that it is heavier (weights more) because of its stiffness &, perhaps, due to it's dwell time on the stringbed.

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