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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I was stationed with a guy that that would take all those supplements like daily. He just wanted to be strong. He swore that GAKIC let him bench like 50 more pounds. I did spot him and he benched like 455 almost twice.

I took some and did like 65 pushups instead of my usual max of 45-50 at the time.

Dont know why the stuff seemed to work, but it did. But I also dont see why the guy had to take it before everywork out. Thats why those companies make money though.
It's just placebo. First time I took jack3d (another pre workout) squatted 315x8 instead of 5. Effects just wear off and don't really do anything. You're just taking in a lot of caffeine and other stims with that crap.
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