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Default Critique my serve - Small vid attached

Was finally able to capture some footage of my game, though it isn't much, I was hoping to get some tips on what to work on. I had a friend capture 2 games with me against my other friend but I clipped parts which I wanted you guys to see; my serves and my forehand (I already know I suck at volleying). In the video is basically my 2nd serve. My first serve is a flat serve and I get it in about 65% of the time.

A little history about my tennis is that I played only my freshmen year in HS and was 4th singles at my school. I pretty much stopped playing after that up until last year, I'm 27 btw. I was able to meet some guys who were all alot better than I was which motivated me to pick up the stick once again. After playing for a year I was discouraged that I was not picking the game up at a rate I normally pick up sports. It wasn't until 2 months ago where everything just clicked. I'm thinking about joining a club now that its the winter season and playing outdoors is no longer an option and joining some tournaments to see where I rank. I play about 2-3 times a week for about 3 hr sessions.

I am well aware that I foot fault. Actually it wasn't until I watched this video that made me realize I foot fault on every one of my serves... haha.
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