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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
The Gamma 2-point SC mount is very similar as well. The only downside to 2-point mounts is sometimes the racket does not sit level, because the throat is narrower than the frame. The Babolat APDGT is a good example. The recomended alternative is to mount at the Yoke rather than the bridge/throat, but pulling mains at the bottom may be a PITA. Head Crossbow series rackets have to be mounted that way on 2-point mounts.
Ah, but the Neos 1000 has a leveling adjustment (underneath the fixed arm).
The new mount, alas, does not.

I have to mount Ektelon Power Ring frames upside-down.
I can't mount them at all on my 6pt.
The outer supports won't come in far enough at the throat.
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