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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
It's not as simple as you think.
Nearly everyone has also played tennis.
Difference is if you are average at tennis and try it for the first time it stands out a mile because you're flunking all the shots. Not so football.
Someone who can pick up a racket and immediately hit very well will be spotted and nurtured straight away because it's so rare it's lke winning the lottery.
If you take snooker, when Stephen Hendry first picked up a cue at age 12 he was potting nearly everything and very quickly making centuries even though he could hardly reach the table! At the same time, millions of kids around Britain were trying their hand at snooker and Hendry was only amongst a handful who could do that. The other millions of kids got fed up with the difficulty of snooker and stuck with something else far easier like football.
Everyone (maybe excluding the USA) has tried their hand at snooker and tennis, and if we started potting and hitting everything in sight on our first few attempts it would be far more obvious there is a huge natural talent to be pursued.
On that basis I maintain the talent pool for tennis is as strong if not stronger because someone who is gifted here, stands out so greatly, they are very likely to be pushed into that sport.
Federer, Murray and Nadal were all gifted footballers (Murray was a signing target for Rangers) but they were all guided into tennis.
If any of the top footballers had shown a great natural ability for tennis, I believe, the chances are they would be playing tennis instead of football.
And I'm sure they have all tried their hand at tennis.
LOL stopped reading right there. If you think the # of people who have had the opportunity to play tennis is anywhere near the # of people who have had the opportunity to play soccer then you are beyond reason sir.
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