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Originally Posted by mrmo1115 View Post
Can you elaborate? Comparison to the previous version?
I haven't hit with the previous version, though I do like past versions of the Prestige line.

Last night I hit with 2 different models: I believe the stick weights were 275g and 315g. I like heavy racquets (my Rebs have a swing weight around 357), so the 275g was a joke for me. The 315g wasn't as bad, as the additional mass helped with feel, but they still felt styrofoam-y at contact.

They were string with a new shaped version of sonic pro, so maybe a hybrid set up would have helped.

I also tried the new Dunlop F 3.0. The feel on that was even worse despite being strung with full multi. Super light, and contact felt like hitting with a tin can.
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