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Default Decompressed Shoulder 7 months on...

So here I am 7 months on from the SAD procedure, and I am playing harder and harder (not without the small bit of soreness when I am playing long hours or difficult matches). I was just reviewing Say Chi's old posts saying that it took 7 months to return to serving tennis which makes sense.

I think just so long as that soreness goes away after a rest/recovery day or two, that is a good thing! Am doing the thrower's ten exercises a couple times a week pretty religiously which helps along with some yoga/Pilates plank exercises.

As well, I have finally comprehended the "Pronation" concept thanks to my new coach (who is making me do an abbreviated take back on the serve). I think this is helping and it is making my ball toss improve.

Hey, anybody out there who has had the shoulder work done! Tell me its okay to still get a few small twinges after a long match!!! I am still a bit paranoid! This is not affecting daily arm use or functionality at all or sleeping or anything like that. It is just post match soreness I think...
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