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Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
Nadal still leads 3-2 on grass and hard court slams. Even on Nadal's worst surfaces, he still dominated Federer. Fed's pathetic H2H vs Nadal is certainly a big hole in his career.
For one of those losses Federer was 30 years old. Bit unfair to expect him to keep up with someone 5 years younger than him. I don't see why only the slam h2h should count anyway. Federer has beaten Nadal plenty of times on hardcourts. If Nadal went further in these tournaments when Federer was at his peak the slam H2H and H2H in general would look very different. Federer has done better against the field than Nadal has. His matchup disadvantages with Nadal aren't a major blot. Considering that...
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