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Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
Nadal still leads 3-2 on grass and hard court slams.
LOL, nice spin there.

Well I could just as easily say that in the part of the season after the FO Fed is 5-1 against Nadal.

Also remember, Agassi was undefeated against Sampras at AO+FO as well, what if the vast majority of their meetings occurred there, ever thought about that?

Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
Even on Nadal's worst surfaces, he still dominated Federer.
Slow HC is definitely not Nadal's worst surface, indoor HC is.

Nadal dominated H2H against Fed at AO and FO.

At Wimbledon Fed leads the H2H, they never met at USO and on indoor HC Fed is 4-0 against Nadal.

Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
Fed's pathetic H2H vs Nadal is certainly a big hole in his career.
Or so would Petey fans like yourself like to think .

It's a hole, but how big exactly largely depends on whom you ask.

One way of looking at this is that if Fed was as good (bad) as your hero on clay, skipped 2009 AO (like your hero did in 1999) and lost in 4th round of AO in 2012 he would have been a better player except that I find that way of thinking to be quite ridiculous.
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