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Originally Posted by Tennis120PlayerA View Post
I don't double fault all that often (maybe 2-3 times tops in a match), but when I do, it's sometimes on a game/crucial point.

Sometimes it will happen when I'm down 30-40 or 15-40. I think I'm not sure if I'm actually trying too hard to focus on crucial points.
This might be the problem right here. If you are thinking about some points as being more crucial than others, then you're likely to be manufacturing pressure on those points more than is necessary. Think about it - just what points are NOT crucial?...

One of the greatest disciplines in tennis is the ability to play each point to the best of our abilities. Plan at least the starting action of every point and get after it... because every point is indeed crucial.

In terms of your actual serve, you may be doing too much with your first serve and too little with your second serve. If you're trying for lots of "rock star" cheap points off first serve bombs that don't land with much consistency, that means that you need to hit too many second serves. If this is the case, get serious about landing more first balls.

If you want your serve to be more reliable, also consider getting the same fundamental motion, including the tempo of the swing, about the same with your first and second serves. Eventually you may find that both serves are almost identical in many cases, except that you're not aiming as close to the lines on your second serves.
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