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I'm not in a position to critique your serve but...

A couple key things that will help with everything else the rest of the folks following me will have advice for:

Split step
None of these shots have you split stepping. This prevents you from ACTIVELY going to the ball. As of now you're waiting for each ball to get hit/land, instead of anticipating preemptively.

Ready position
Ready position (athletic position etc.), will help and goes hand-in-hand with split steps. You are standing straight up in your shots, especially during your return. Bend your knees please!

On a side note, you said that
but I clipped parts which I wanted you guys to see

In all honesty, if you just show us what you want us to see it won't do you much good. The only thing you should edit in videos are the times in between points. The stuff that you don't want us to see, i.e your opponent schooling you or a bunch of unforced errors, would be more beneficial for you. Anyone can show their highlights from their videos, but if you want to get better and want the board's honest critique you might as well show your strengths and weaknesses.

Hell, I posted a view progression videos of myself on this forum before, with my opponent blowing me off the court with his groundstrokes. If your other friend's are that much better, get videos with them. You'll really see what you need to work on and we can help identify those.

I'm still learning myself, but building a good foundation (footwork, stances, etc.) really helped me improve much faster because half the battle is getting to the ball. The rest is hitting it.
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