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Default Choices, Choices, Choices ....

Years of using the Wilson PS Original 6.0 95 have left me disillusioned with what's on offer today. These wonderful frames are getting increasingly difficult to get hold of so I have been searching for a more than adequate replacement, but with no luck, so far. I've tried the Slazenger Pro Braided, The Dunlop MuscleWeave 200. I'm now on a pair of Pure Storms, not bad but not great, nowhere near what I had with the 6.0's . . . I'm more than aware that it's each to his/her own, feel is what is unique to one person and a racquet i may like, someone else will hate. But i would just like your opinions, good or bad as i respect everyones views, on my short-list below, or if you have any other suggestions! I guess what I'm looking for (and i'll only know that once i read it), is a person with a similar playing style, who's used the 6.0 95 before and what they switched to, with some success.
I'm 40yrs old, relatively strong serve, OHBH, not adverse to volleys, used to play county level in the UK, now just club league matches and bragging rights games against friends.

Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95
Wilson Blade BLX
Head Prestige MP
Head Youtek Speed
Dunlop Biomimetic 200
Boris Becker London

Thanks everyone.
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