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Default Sesamoid Injury & Sesamoiditis

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
One of my friends, not a tennis player, had a bunion and had to have surgery.

A tennis friend of mine, who is in his 30s, had a small broken bone in the area where the big toe connects to the foot. There was no acute injury and it probably developed over time. This injury location is common especially to those who stress the foot such as ballet dancers. He is very fast around the court. He played on it in pain for a year or so. He is getting surgery next month and also has a torn tendon in that area.
My friend's injury was to his sesamoid bone. This injury is a common foot injury of the bones leading to the big toe. He just got surgery. The sesamoid was removed. During surgery it was discovered that the tendon had completely detached and retracted to/toward the heel. The Dr described the injury as the worse case that he had seen. The tendon was surgically reattached to other toe bones. Full recovery is not expected.

The sesamoid is a rare type of bone not connected to other bones by a joint. The knee cap/patella is also a sesamoid of similar function. (Sesamoids have tendons on each end and function to change the direction of force applied to one end as an adjacent joint, like the knee joint, changes joint angle.)


Sesamoid Problems and a Possible Cause Sesamoiditis (inflammation)

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