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You are not quite getting into the back scratch position. Work on your throwing motion. The forearm snap is where you will receive the acceleration on your serve, when the forearm extends up towards the ball form the back scratch position. When you are sideways and ready to serve, try rotating your shoulder first before you swing at the ball, this will help your arm fall behind your back into the ideal back scratch position. You are kind of swinging just with your arm from the sideways position instead of rotating and throwing your arm forward. Practicing the throwing motion and letting your shoulder rotate earlier will help. When you swing your arm is too straight. Try practicing a motion where your just have your racquet and no ball, and you pretend to turn and throw your racquet up towards the ceiling. his should help you get the racquet in the ideal back scratch position and help with your forearm release. (The snap needed to achieve maximum racquet head speed)
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