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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
On a more somber note, the Chiefs' already disastrous season has now turned tragic. They will play today but I doubt many of the squad and staff will be thoroughly focused on football after Saturday's events.
They seemed to be more focused. Just an odd situation. The guy kills his GF, then goes and thanks the coaches for giving him a chance to pro football and offs himself.

The girl was Jamal Charles' cousin and he and his wife had set them up together. Cant imagine what kind of 2d guessing is going on.

Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
The sadness continues, despite mostly positive results from their rookie QB/RB combo...memo to Bryce Brown: hang on to the bean a bit better!

Other young QBs review...Luck & Wilson win on the road and Freeman made it close after surrendering a pick6. Let's see what RG3 does tonight!
Nick Foles seems like the 2d coming of Joe Flacco. Big guy with a huge arm, give him a decent defense and running game and he will beat the teams he is supposed to. But they dont seem like championship caliber guys.
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