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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
You really should get checked out and see what the problem is what that knee.
It may mean a big difference in whether you need to take some time off, or whether there is some strengthening regimen that could help you come back with less problems.

A worry is that articular cartilage does not contain pain sensors, so it isn't until the overlying joint space itself becomes inflammed that pain occurs.
And jumping and landing on that left knee, which you also pump the clutch with, could become a bigger problem if you continue the way you are. be honest, i think traffic is the worst thing for my knee...the clutch stepping is too hard and regular. I am fine with groundstrokes. So this weekend, i specifically tried to serve less with my left leg....almost standing at times and a longer warmup. Earlier you guys advised me to lift my left shoulder more, and strangely enough, I had huge serves, almost faster than normal, even without my healthy knee.

Not to self diagnose or anything:
But the pain seems to be on the actual patella, or patella tendon....middle of knee. Not sure if its bone or tendon though (although it feels more like bone than tendon at times), but feels more on outer layers than the insides....
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