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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Bad left knee.... no problem.
Stand much more back to target.
Pivot off your bad left leg and LAND on your good right leg.
BrianGottfried served like this, as did a few other guys, maybe Becker.
The pivot affect gives you twist power, so you don't need to jump as high, or not jump at all.
I find, at 63 now, I can serve full speed flat serves without jumping, around 100mph, because by not jumping, I can serve with more precision.
Don't jump. Instead, pivot and twist into your serves.
My plan is to do what you speak, except not jump and land with the right knee. I plan to basically focus less on jumping with just the left leg. I think my forward motion put too much strain on the left leg, causing it to do most of the work when jumping (hard to see on the vid, but thinking back, i think it does most of the jump work). I need to either focus to jump with both legs to distribute the work, or jump less. Backward to forward rocking/momentum should naturally make me land on left foot, instead of trying to jump left and land left.

The *more* shoulder lift thing PSV and Charliefederer mentioned, definitely seems to have been an awesome tip - i had to toss the ball higher and had less disguise, but my power increased with less effort.
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