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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Are you SURE he played as a junior?
We all know, rocking left and right like that, swinging the racket, is NOT good for vision and concentration for returning any kind of serve.
He holds a clumsy continental grip, arm stiff and too extended.
He's only blocking the backhand.
On the second return, he's trying to swing out at a body shot forehand side using the same conti grip.
Did he play junior tennis in 1969?
Well, he's rocking back and forth all the way up until Groth actually starts his motion, then at around 0:04 he suddenly stops the rocking and gets into position and even takes a split step.

That tells me the rocking was just him goofing around. The bit where he really prepared and split steps tells me he knows at least a bit about returning a big serve. And the conti grip tells me he probably knows his only chance to get the return back is to block it.

On the second return, he switched to a semi-western grip for the forehand at 0:10, not that it helped him much.
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