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Default Why do modern players hold back so much? Why can't they just come in?

After watching Nole-murray in US oPEN I realized what a monotonous and boring slug-fest could become.On the other hand you have Fedal matches,in which fed always tries to come in and make things interesting.Although more often than not he fails against nadal,but still it's great seeing him coming in.It seems modern players just hate coming to net,don't know why.May it's something to do with their up at junior level are taught to play safe and just keep on maneuvering your opponent from the baseline till you get an opening.And secondly I think slow court plays a big role in this..I am a die hearted Nadal fan but I have learnt to appreciate all around tennis which adds a much needed flavor to tennis..
What could be done to stop them from holding back and coming in?

A bore-fest!!

An interesting match:
Rafa is the goat deal with it!!

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