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Poly strings with slower surfaces that bounce higher give baseline bashers more of an advantage. It is no coincidence that Federer does great indoors with the bounce is a bit lower and faster. Players said this year's WTF has slower courts and Federer lost but he has won like 5 or 6 times. After losing to Fed on a fast hard court last year, Murray said Federer would still be number 1 if the courts were faster like in the past.

I think we have gone too far in favor of the baseliners and courts need to be made just a little bit quicker with a lower bounce to give attackers a fair chance.

I agree that it is a lot more fun to watch contrasting styles.

The only concern is if it gets too fast, it can turn into a serving competition.

Sampras would not have won as much with strings and courts like they are today and Federer would have won more if the courts were faster.
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