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Default Five Questions for Vince Spadea

Dan Markowitz, author of "Break Point" The Secret Diary of a Pro Tennis Player, recently wrote an article about the possible 2013 comeback of Vince Spadea. I asked Dan if he would mind inviting Vince to the Talk Tennis Boards for some Q & A. Dan thought that I could give him a list of five questions which he would foreward to Vince. We want the questions to involve: detailing trainning, diet plans, tournament schedule, ETC. But all questions will be considered.

My idea is to ask for help with my five questions for vince. Please respond with serious trainning related questions (please do not joke or be overly sarcastic with this, I want some good questions for Vince because it would be great to see a 38 year old on the comeback trail!) Once Vince answers, I'll re-post with his exact responses!

So bring on the question ideas! Thanks!!!
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