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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
yea but you can't just dump people that's been with the team for years just cause they suck now or isn't as good as division winning team you are trying to build
It's more complicated than that.

I'm not trying to build a division-winning team. I think what people don't understand that it is very hard as captain to take/keep bad players on a roster.

It's the same thing every time we have a much weaker player on the roster. No one wants to partner with them. If I spread the pain by giving them several different partners, they complain that they have a revolving door of partners. If I don't play them a lot, they complain that they are riding the bench.

Add in the fact that captaining a bottom-feeding team makes it very, very hard to recruit. So even if we are not playoff bound, I would like my teams to make a respectable showing.

The answer to all of this is: If you want to be invited onto teams, improve you tennis.
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