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Originally Posted by Clay lover View Post
I just hate it when everyone is being so unfair to Nadal just because he plays an "unorthodox" game. Out of all the players who uses full poly, he is the most successful, that means he must be doing something right. Why can't people leave it at that?

There's no such thing as being "more reliant" on technology. Everyone is helped by modern racquets. Federer doesn't have the most classic technique on his groundstrokes either.
Nadal is a very skilled and highly talented player. He perfectly designed his game to suit the conditions that were placed upon the tour, and adapted to the courts, the racquets, the balls, and the overall conditions the best he could within his own physical limitations.

I am sure, he would have found a way to adapt to would have been possible of him in genetations gone by, even if that meant a completely different Nadal to the one we see today. Racquets, and courts change. But the mind of a champion has always been eternal.
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