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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Djokovic seemed to many people to be the heir apparent to #1 as early as early 2008 when he won that Australian Open so convincingly. However it turned out to be Nadal owning most of the next 3 years with Federer as his main rival. What he did in 2011 was what many were expecting him to do years sooner, but he wasnt ready for it it turned out. I dont think anyone thought Tsonga was tennis's next big thing, win or lose there. It was one of those lightning in a bottle kind of runs, and one could sense even then it was probably now or never for him.
You could tell Djokovic was going to go on and do great things, being ranked #3 in the world at just 20 years old and having already had a close final against Federer. Then he goes on and wins the Australian Open, losing only one set on the way.

Tsonga was an unseeded 22 year old French player on a huge winning streak. He wasn't going to go on to be #1 or win any other slams, so in essense, you're correct.
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