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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
Usually there is one snooze of a BCS game. Some years there are two.

I think we have three this year...First time in recent memory we've had three bad matchups in five games. ND-Bama will get killer ratings, but I don't see the Irish hanging with Alabama.

Oregon-KSU should be good. It was supposed to be an OOC game this year, then it was a NC matchup, so it's cool to get that matchup finally.
I like the Oregon-KSU matchup and believe it's probably going to be the most entertaining. I'll watch ND/Bama because it's the NC but I'm really not interested in the post-season this year. The games are just horrible. FSU/NI is a dog of a game. I'll bet it's gonna be really tough for even FSU to sell this one out. My horrible Hokies play Rutgers...zzzzzz. Wisconsin and Stanford....zzzzzz.

I have a few friends that are GA alumns and I was really pulling for the upset. Just a heartbreaker but a great game. Bama is Bama but they could easily have lost their two toughest games this year.
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