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Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
cb, this is for you - home made 5 spiced beef stew fo lunch...
envy envy envy. just having salad. my highlight is some chickpea mix. I think even Buddhist monks on strict veggie diets would feel sorry for me.

Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Tempted by the starbucks deal today. $30 tumbler and get free brewed coffee for the month in Jan 2013.
Only do it if you are going get $30 in coffee. I always fill in 1/4 of the cup with milk when going to Starbucks to off set the dark taste. I guess I get my $$$ worth.

Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post

CB - you have coke bottle glasses? back in the day before lasik i had really bad nearsightedness. -8.5 in both eyes.

zapvor - i tried learning a 2 hander but i was awkward and tentative. kinda like you with that girl. how about we both bite the bullet and meet our fears head on? i get a reliable backhand and you get someone to shampoo your hot dog.

wookie - i'm looking at a used mdx with nav and that ceiling dvd. do you know if their are video/audio jacks to connect an xbox?

downs / paul - i am off for 2 weeks in the middle of december. i wanna hit. i'll even come out to the boonies of va.

i'm doing a wilson demo day next week for their new spin effect racquets. has anyone tried these ultra open string patterns yet?
yeah, i have been warned not to look into the sun multiple times with my thick glasses. I blamed it on endless hours of studying. Or endless hours of screen time. =)
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