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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
your posts are too darn long and complicated. are you maybe a teacher by profession?
now that ive insulted you, let me ask you a question.
would your concept of different contact points for different heights only apply for topspin strokes but for slice as well?
Yes. Especially at the net while volleying. Topspin contact points are under the mid point of the ball but not by much, and slice is in the middle of the ball, slightly higher, but the arced distance in front is determined by the length of your own arm, not the type of shot, just which small part of the ball you are contacting by shot style. It's not a "magic shield", as someone accused me of calling it. Why do you think so many ues are made by people who try to keep the same contact point regardless of incoming shot heights? They are homogenizing their strokes to help stop ues, yet, are causing more of them, esp. under match pressure where fear comes into play and messes with your energy even more than normal. Fear will stop neurons from firing right and block the right energy flow more than anything else. Their are two types of adrenaline energy flows: fearful or clean.

The type of adrenaline determines how the desire for shots to be different is blocked by energetic resistance to change. When people choke, it feels resistive, because it is. They are resisting fluid flow of energy due to fear.

Clean zone adrenaline causes this: an increased availability of speed, yet slowed down speed, relaxed speed, and more powerful frame acceleration, smoother shots, faster feet yet with no resistance. Roger Federer is the worlds top fluid master of energy.

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