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I actually do more than 100 hours a month; it was a round figure I used. I practice and play Monday through Saturday for about 3-4 hours per day and play at night as well on Tuesday and Thursday about 3 hours. I enjoy the sport and am a bit obsessive! I am 37 and semi-retired, so I have a lot of time and have enjoyed the challenge of becoming a quality tennis player. I currently play mostly against 4.0s and win as much as I lose, but I have yet to beat a legit 4.5 although I've come close. My goal was to play quality 4.5 tennis by the end of the year, but I did not quite make it.
I am strongly considering buying a $169 gamma stringer, but I am currently waiting as I have a friend who is likely going to sell me his better machine ($700 gamma ST) for next to nothing but not until this coming summer, so I am in a waiting period on a machine.
I mostly use 1.25mm full poly at 55lbs and it takes approximately 3 weeks to break which is about 80ish hours. I've broken approximately 20 sets of strings in the 15 months of playing. I recently tried some Black Magic I had with a multi cross on two frames, and the multi frayed and broke in 3 days on one and 4 days on the other (lasted about 12-15 hours on each racquet). I hit about as hard a forehand with topspin as anyone I play around including a couple of friends who are 5.0 teaching pros, but not all my time is spent hitting forehands as it is my strength. I spend a lot of time working on my two-handed backhand, volleys, backhand slice, 2nd serves, etc.

I do have some Kevlar on the way from a string trade, so I will at least try it out especially after reading some of the positive experiences such as travlerjam. I would think with a firmer 16 ga SG like OGSM, it should last the 3-4 weeks that full poly would but with better playing characteristics over that length of time.
Once I get a stringer of my own, I am also strongly considering the Discho Ionic Reels for $69 which ends up being only $4 per set as I've read all the good about the string on TT. I like a firmer string bed, so I think the Hexa would be the one for me?
RACQUETS: Vantage 95 (Strung: 11.5 oz, 5HL, 67ra, 16x19, 26.5")
CURRENT STRING: Genesis BM 16 @ 56lbs Mains / OGSM (natural) 17 @ 60lbs Crosses

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