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Default Federer racquet size

Without doubt Federer is an amazing player, what can I say! Iīm his fan. He is very used to use 90 Wilson heads, so it is difficult to see him changing it for other size. Anyway, as tennis as other sport disciplines continue to improve, I donīt see so improbable to switch to other design (even if it has the same head size) Think of Djokovic-Federer London Final 2012, I saw Federer surpassed on his backhand side by Djokovic. Would it be the power of Djokovicīs Head racquet? Somethings needs to be adjusted there, and I think is the racquet design, not Federer ability in this case. I think he needs to upgrade the 2012 Wilson for something new regarding more power and retaining control (a new Wilson Steam but with 90 or 95 head?)
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