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how is ham fake? but mr. corporate, schummy is sooo real? you act like you know these ppl personally.....schuumy would run ppl off the road, a real class act he was....but i guess its typical german trolling from you.
How many has Alonso won without the best car?

How many has Hamilton won?? Mclaren this year was at least the second best car overall and sometimes the best car, towards the end of this season McLaren was better than Red Bull, still Vettel came from 30-40 points behind and won the Championship with great drives from dead last.

Vettel would have won this Championship with McLaren as well.

The best drive in a season by any driver with a worse equipment, contending for the title, that didn't win a Championship was 1998, this was the best ever performance during an entire season by a driver that didn't win the title.

McLaren was 1.5s faster than Ferrari, yet Schumacher won several races with some of the most brilliant drives in history, Argentina 1998 was one of the best ever.
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