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FWIW I paid $500 for a nearly new Neos 1k in July 2010 which included all tools and the Neos flying clamps for fan patterns, some stringing guides, and about 10 packs of syngut string. It was previously owned by a rich kid who played high school tennis but quit. He told me he'd used it less than 50 times and based on its condition I absolutely believe it.

I found the Neos in a different city from where I live on Craigslist (using and got my brother who lived close by to buy it for me. Deals on used Neos stringers are out there but you have to diligently look for them in my experience.

Also, FWIW I love my Neos and am extremely satisfied with my purchase.
Thanks TW for the version reversion and Xenforo FTW!

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