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Originally Posted by davedomart View Post
You are taking this way too far El Zed. You're insulted? He even wrote not to insult anybody in the original post, and it was his friends that said that; not him. It's similar to someone saying Jesus Christ when they're mad. Are you that thin-skinned and self-righteous? And your comment that someone without faith doesn't have common courtesy is actually more insulting; you're insulting the person not the faith.
You are obviously missing the point. The person made a comment that was not entirely appropriate and was offensive at least to me. I have every right to note that - my rights are no less than his or yours on this board. Thank you for responding to my post about increased respect by insulting me. You might not know, understand or even care - but taking the Lord's name in vain is another point that some might take offense to. But alas, you are probably too rock and roll to care, even if it means offending only a single poster.
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