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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
thank you for leading me to my point. The expected result. This 2011 FO win over Djokovic was an upset in many ways. As was the montreal match. Federer won the 2007 AO, 2007 USO, 2007 Dubai. The expected result for a world number 1.

So 5555 can post this thread all he wants.. it just shows a match that prime Federer choked away. He redeemed himself a month later.

Also, i Love the quotes. does 2011 not count as peak Djokovic now?

Do you seriously believe he'll ever have a season as good as that again?
Do I believe he will have the same (or better) season?
No. The question is does he NEED to have the season like that? As of now with Federer being less and less of a risk, Murray still not consistent threat, Nadal about to quit playing an no one else to challenge him -- no, he can maintain hiss reign with half the effort...unfortunately. I definitely don't think he put a 100% into 2012, except at the end when he wanted to show off...
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