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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
4G is not for everyone. I find it better if you generate your own spin and want control. It still actually does well for spin, but are there better options for that category? - yes.

Example, the Cylcone is a very nice string with good spin, but it is rather springy to me, and it dies a lot faster.

So it is just personal preference, many people will prefer the springiness of the cyclone, but for me, I love the very high control level of the 4g.

I hate spending $17 a string set..hate it. So trust me, I want to find something better that is cheaper.
You pay 17 dollars but get more life out of the stringbed as it does not loose tension that fast. So, proportionately, you are not paying more and you are getting a superior feeling string.

I, myself, will try it full bed this week and later try it hybrid with Babolat Nvy in the future.
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