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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, You should take the same rigid measure at your own claims such as your strange 14:0 series of Hoad vs. Laver
Actually, the 14 to 0 claims were not made by Hoad himself (unlike your quote of Rosewall), but by Laver and Bucholz.
However, I think that what these extra six matches consist of are unrecorded exhibition matches, clearly of a lesser value than regular tournament or hth tour matches.
I think that Rosewall's reference was puffed by the inclusion of exhibition matches, for example, I read that Rosewall won an 8 to 0 exhibition series against Hoad in mid-1960. There exists no records of locations, dates, or scores.
Similarly, Laver beat Hoad in an exhibition series in Laver's home state in Jan. 1964, 7 matches to 1. This was also unrecorded as to date, location, and scores, only the final tally reported somewhere. Like the 1960 series against Rosewall, these results are almost never mentioned in the history reviews.
We should draw a distinction between such exhibition series and a more regular tour, such as the New Zealand tour of 1964, where most of the results, dates, locations, scores were reported.
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