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Originally Posted by Winning Ugly View Post
Look -- if he is bageling people in SECTIONALS, then he should be good enough to move up. Period. That sort of beat down could earn you a visual DQ.

But, here's the thing. I have it on good authority that the computer rejects 6-0, 6-0 results! (Look it up, someone who knows). Anyway, this guy's bagel win may not even have counted -- did he have any others?. And, as others have said, if his district is a bit weak and he won against a lot of lower-in-level folks, then his dynamic rating could have fallen short.

However, if this guy goes undefeated again in 2013 and does not get bumped I'd eat a brick. Just tell him if he's up 6-0, 5-0 to drop a game or two. Seriously -- I was told this was why I did not get bumped a year ago...a double bagel win against a decent opponent never counted.
If the USTA is still dropping double-bagel matches, that, IMHO, is a big flaw in the system. I think the reasoning for dropping them is they don't tell you specifically how much better player A is than player B, only that player A is "at least" X better. And using X as the value could either hurt the winning player or help the losing player when it shouldn't.

However, if the expected result between the players was closer than 6-0,6-0, the above bad situation won't occur and it seems more correct to at least adjust the players apart (winning player rating go up, losing player rating go down) based on the result rather than completely ignoring it.
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