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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
I was 100% pulling for Georgia. That last play...Man, so brutal. I think either Georiga or Alabama would beat Notre Dame, and if we're going to get a 7th straight SEC champ, I'd at least like to see a different SEC champ.

If Bama wins, that's three titles in four years, and EVERYONE is back on their team next year. It's getting a bit ridiculous.
Me too. I'm not that fond of Georgia fans (too cocky for the amount of success) but they love their Dawgs and it's been 30+ years. My oldest brother lived in Bama for years and is a fan, one of my best friends went to Bama and mutiple fellow classmates/interns are grads. My phone was lit up with 'roll tide' about 20 times Saturday. Makes me sick.
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