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Originally Posted by McEnroeisanartist View Post
Other than Laver and Rosewall, the only players that had any sort of quality results at Federer's age in their careers were Connors and Agassi.

In 2013, Federer will be 31 until August, then he turns 32.

In 1984, Connors was 31 and turned 32. That year, he went 74-14 won 5 titles in 7 finals, didn't win a slam after winning one the year before, and finished the year ranked #2. He reached a grand slam final and two semifinals.

In 2002, Agassi was 31 and turned 32. That year he went 53-12 won 5 titles (including 3 Masters Series). He reached a grand slam final, quarterfinal, and 2nd round.

I think Federer's win/loss in 2013 will be closer to Agassi's. I could see him winning 3 or 4 titles. Reaching a grand slam final seems very difficult.

What do you think Federer's 2013 will be like?
Bookies have him as 3rd favourite for AO and Wimbledon, 4th favourite for RG, USO and YE number 1. Also, he's the only top 4 member not to be odds on to win a slam in 2013.

Looks like the bookies are expecting some decline - I wouldn't be so sure.
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