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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Thanks much for the vids PP. Now I know what you're talking about. Very nice, fluid modern strokes. Especially forehand. Great movement and preparation. Yes, I can definitely learn from this. Whether I would ever be able to hit like you do is doubtful. Ok, pretty much impossible -- but still a good example. You're very strong.

I got the impression from reading some of your posts that you were older than you seem in the vids. How old?

Anyway, yes, I would have to say that your strokes are better than anybody I hit with or have played against, except maybe one or two guys.

A pleasure to watch. Post more vids PP. You're really good and I bet lots of people here can learn by your example and what you have to say about how you play and how you learned it. Thanks.

And of course, my usual solicitation, please, everybody post more vids.
Thanks for the kind words. I learned from the videos myself. Saw my backhand hitch I was feeling once I slowed the video down. I need to point the buttcap at the ground on the take back before swinging to contact. In shadow swinging, this already feels much more natural.

I agree about equipment as well. I am using a stock Blade 98 with a tight pattern. even though I hit with a lot of spin and conventional wisdom would say to hit with an open pattern, I find that I have much more control with this setup. I also can string at solid tension of 49/52 poly/syn gut. The lighter weight still gives me a lot of spin, but the ball kicks at the opponent more instead of straight up. When you hit an approach that kicks forward, it many times becomes a winner, as opposed to having it kick straight up and hang in the same spot longer.

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