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So there I was flicking through tennis videos on youtube a couple of days ago (like a typical addict) and ended up watching the Mc vs the Borg at 1980 US Open - a match I would usually get bored of after 3 minutes. This time however I viewed the whole thing with interest. Then I went through Fed-Bellucci at IW this year - which was pretty boring until mid 3rd set. Once again, it felt like a great match when I rewatched it recently.

I guess when the season is in full flight one doesn't cherish the matches as much cause they occur so often.
The 1980 Borg McEnroe match isn't exactly one of my favorites. I didn't think the first set was that well played by Borg and for a match often called the best ever, that's not good. I think the match is overrated. I like the 1984 US Open semi of Connors and McEnroe better. The 1977 Wimbledon semi of Borg against Gerulaitis was in my opinion a better match also. It's just that the 1980 match had that exciting tiebreaker and long fifth set.
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