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Originally Posted by mxmx View Post
My plan is to do what you speak, except not jump and land with the right knee. I plan to basically focus less on jumping with just the left leg. I think my forward motion put too much strain on the left leg, causing it to do most of the work when jumping (hard to see on the vid, but thinking back, i think it does most of the jump work). I need to either focus to jump with both legs to distribute the work, or jump less. Backward to forward rocking/momentum should naturally make me land on left foot, instead of trying to jump left and land left.

The *more* shoulder lift thing PSV and Charliefederer mentioned, definitely seems to have been an awesome tip - i had to toss the ball higher and had less disguise, but my power increased with less effort.
Pushing off with both legs is exactly what you optimally should be doing. (I'm just a bit worried with that knee though.)

With a deeper knee bend, and the with your tossing shoulder pointed straight up, it will seem that the ball is a lot further away than it used to be with your old motion as you look up at it.

But as you launch yourself up at the ball, you will really feel what Pat Dougherty, the Bollettieri Camp "Serve Doc" describes in hitting "up the mountain".
"Up the Mountain" excerpt form Serve Doctor presents: M.P.H.

And you will need to learn to land in different way - on that left leg.
Leg Kick on Tennis Serve
If your back (right) leg is kicking straight back, it means you are getting your weight moving into the court - if it is going to the side, you are not getting your weight moving first up and into the court.

But ...

You mentioned that your knee is already bothering you.

So if all this pushing off and jumping and landing is making you worse, you can still have an effective serve using your body, without a really big leg push off.

"The Serve Doctor" has hints on how to hit this serve, still using your body to hit up the mountain:
Serve Doctor's Simplified Spring-loaded Serve Technique Serve

When/if the knee is better, may be a better time to work on that big leg push off and left leg landing with the right leg kick back.

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