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^ I have Tilden in my all-time top 10 (as I believe everyone should) but to have him as GOAT is to ignore the fact that competition was much less in his days. The number of countries/players who played tennis to a serious level was much lower than it is today. Hence it's no surprise that his percentages were even better than latter-day greats.
But the man played to the 1950's. He was able to beat Don Budge (occasionally) when he was in his forties. He played the Muskateers, Bill Johnston, Dick Willams, Vines, Perry, Nusslein, Gonzalez, Riggs everyone and did very well. Most of Europe played, Japan, Australian and of course the United States. He was still almost unbeatable. I mean how much better could he be? If Federer played at that time he would have to win every match to top Tilden!
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