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When facing strong 4.0 men with weaker 3.0 women, the 3.0 lady moves to the net and straddles the inside alley.

A 3.0 guy / 4.0 lady will struggle to beat fast strong 4.0 guys playing in this formation.

Cindy, what age bracket did your team advance to to Nationals as Adult, Senior or Super Senior?

There is a large difference in speed, and level between Adult 3.5 and Super Senior 3.5

I am specifically discussing 18+ mixed 7.0 with very fast, hard hitting athletic 4.0 guys in my example above.

I've seen this formation at adult (now 18+) 7.0 mixed state, Level 2 tournaments along with the standard 3.5S

When you get to 40+ and 55+, the self rated BS seems to stop, and the speed of the players is radically slower

A 3.0 guy playing 7.0 18+ mixed, will get his hands full.

Now if he played, with a 4.0 lady who is at the top of the 4.0s, he might have more fun, but most of those 4.0 ladies are all playing 8.0 Mixed and 9.0 Mixed and not wasting there time with 3.0 guys

It is just a fact. Solid 4.0 women aren't playing 7.0 mixed if they can play 8.0 and 9.0 Mixed and improve their game
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