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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
thank you for leading me to my point. The expected result. This 2011 FO win over Djokovic was an upset in many ways. As was the montreal match. Federer won the 2007 AO, 2007 USO, 2007 Dubai. The expected result for a world number 1.

So 5555 can post this thread all he wants.. it just shows a match that prime Federer choked away. He redeemed himself a month later.

Also, i Love the quotes. does 2011 not count as peak Djokovic now?

Do you seriously believe he'll ever have a season as good as that again?
Obvious trolling, I think it was Djokovic who choked US open finals.Multiple set points in first and second set.If it was the other way it would something like 3 wins in a row, and maybe more in future.Federer was lucky, but also much more experienced player, he knew that's his opponent will be overwhelmed by the moment itself.Playing first GS final against 11 time champion is not the same like playing someone like Phillipussies.And the most amount of wins that Federer accumulated against Novak in single season were in 2010, it was 4-1.Also, Federer was in great form before last years AO, he was playing in Doha like never before, crushing opponents along the way, so this type of arguments about post prime and old Fed are really cheap way to belittle Djokovic accomplishments.

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