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I have been watching classic Agassi as well a lot this week. I loved his no BS play and his poker face between points. I also need to copy his game a lot. I actually didn't like Agassi at all for a long time, until I started playing a lot more, then I developed an appreciation for what he does well. I also realised that he and I have similar builds and similar strengths and weaknesses for our respective levels. I have decided to study Agassi matches and craft myself into a little rec level Agassi. Wish me luck!

EDIT: I got on this Agassi thing from trying to watch all the Sampras Agassi finals. I ended up falling in love with Agassi's play from trying copy Sampras' serve. Wierd huh? Being a tennis player is like being a music lover. There is always some new band to discover, exactly like some new tennis player, old and new.
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