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hey guys,

I had some time to make a website promoting the App and since i committed the App already i took the poll offline.
I of course should have put a 'SOON AVAILABLE' sign on the website right away since the App is still under review by apple. Please bear with me till its available.

The reference to the 500 up-votes (actually 750, wrote the text when it was still 500) might have been slightly misleading. It was not my intention and changed it to “The idea for this App originated from the Tennis Warehouse Community where more than 750 people up voted for this App to be made.”

As i said, the accuracy is definitely the best out there, but of course I want future updates to improve it. And with your help (buying the App), I shortly hope to make a great update (using the statistical serve data) to make it even more accurate right away.

Although it still needs to be improved it is very reliable and therefore it will help to keep track of your improvements consistently.

I really appreciate all your comments and concerns and believe that together we can make this tool work the way we all want!
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